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Woodworm treatment

Woodworm is a generic term for a number of wood boring insects that can attack the wood in your home. The most common of these is common furniture beetle (Anobium Punctatum). There is a link between infestation and dampness as poor ventilation and high humidity are aspects of both problems. You may have woodworm if you can spot exit holes in your wood approximately 1.5mm in diameter. You may also notice bore holes along with small piles of bore dust (frass). If you are unsure then Damptec is available to conduct a survey and recommend the correct course of action if woodworm is present.

For a common furniture beetle infestation we would recommend a blanket Boron 5% solution formulated for the safe in-situ treatment of timbers affected by wood boring insects.

​​We display warning notices on completion of treatment stating the safe re-entry time.

Any replacement timbers should be pre-treated in accordance with BS8417 2003. Failing which we can treat these on site with a wood preservative to meet the requirements of the above specification. 

Treatment comes with our 10 year guarantee. Third party insurance backed guarantees are also available from QANW.

Please note that Damptec Systems Ltd will chemically treat timbers in situ. We do not replace affected timbers or install new timbers.

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