Remedial Tanking System on a Garage Wall, Nottingham

The Damptec team has completed work this week tanking a garage wall in Eastwood, Nottingham.  We were asked to supply and install a waterproofing system to the right-hand wall where the external ground levels are raised and bridge the DPC line.

The waterproofing solution determined is defined in BS 8102 2022 Protection of Structures against Water from the Ground as a “Grade 2” environment where no dampness is permitted and where the internal environment needs to be managed using appropriate environmental controls.

We recommend using Type “A” external barrier protection on the right-hand elevation.

Proposed Method in Accordance with Koster Aquatenic Specification:



  • Application of primer to all surfaces in a spray coat.
  • Apply one coat of Koster NB1 cement-based waterproofing slurry.  This is a mineral waterproof coating that contains crystallising and capillary-plugging agents. When these penetrate into the substrate, they develop an intense bond and the capillaries are plugged making it completely waterproof to pressurised water of up to 10 bar. 
  • Apply two coats of Koster Deuxan-2C polymer modified thick bitumen compound at 6kg/m². 1st coat to be applied with a 6mm notch trowel, and then levelled. Following the installation of glass fibre mesh, the second coat is to be applied with a 6mm notched trowel to a total wet film thickness of 6mm and finished level.
  • Once the Deuxan has cured (following day depending on air temperature), mechanically fix Delta-GeoDrain Quattro membrane, with joints overlapped and sealed. Install capping strip to stop debris from falling into the cavity created by the membrane.
  • The GeoDrain is a drainage membrane not a waterproofing membrane. Primary waterproofing of the structure to be achieved with HydroBond 2K-Flex liquid applied membrane.
  • Install a serviceable drain positioned below the slab level and run around the perimeter of the retaining walls whenever practicable as a method of risk reduction. The land drain must be correctly located and capable of draining off water reliably and without risk of surcharging. 

By choosing Damptec for your tanking needs, you ensure a professionally managed project with robust, reliable waterproofing solutions.

Contact us today for more information and to discuss your project requirements.

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