Barn Conversion Tanking System

Barn Conversion Tanking System

The Damptec team have been contracted to work on a barn conversion in Sheffield. Our specification is for a combined waterproofing system to include:

  • Type A: Barrier Protection – internal waterproofing
  • Type C: Drained Protection – internal waterproofing


The photo shows the ongoing installation of a Type C drained protection system on the internal surface of the walls.  In this system any water ingress as a result of the raised external ground levels is managed away via the cavity drain membrane.


The effectiveness is dependent upon discharging free water before pressure can build up behind the system.

Gravity drainage is to be installed in the chase provided.

The drainage channel needs to be maintained and therefore either jetting eyes or skirting board access points need to be installed at changes in direction and also at 10m straight runs.

Wall Cavity Drain Membranes

Walls:  The photo shows Newton 508 (8mm) cavity drain membrane mechanically fixed to the earth-retaining walls floor to ceiling.

By choosing Damptec for your barn conversion needs, you ensure a professionally managed project with robust, reliable waterproofing solutions.

Contact us today for more information and to discuss your project requirements.

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