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  • Water storage tank waterproofing
  • Sprinkler tank waterproofing
  • Attenuation tank waterproofing for rainwater harvesting

Typically a Type A barrier protection system includes a fillet along the wall/floor/ceiling junctions and a cement based waterproofing slurry for the walls.  We would recommend Newton HydroSeal 203 repair mortar for the fillet. Newton 107F cement based waterproofing slurry for the walls. This is a mineral waterproof coating that contains crystallising and capillary-plugging agents. When these penetrate into the substrate, they develop an intense bond and the capillaries are plugged making it completely waterproof to pressurised water of up to 10 bar.  

Our specialist team have the necessary confined space training under the requirements of the Confined Space Regulations 1997. 

All work to conform to the requirements of BS 8102:2022

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