Resin Injection Systems for Cracks in Concrete and Masonry

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Damptec Systems Ltd has been certified as a Registered Installer of Koster Waterproofing Systems and is fully qualified in the application of these products.

We use Koster 2 IN 1 and Koster IN 2 polyurethane injection resins to repair cracks both vertical and horizontal in concrete and masonry. These are water reactive elastic PU-injection resins for injection into dry and water bearing cracks.  Cracks are structurally weak points.  Penetrating water can cause structural damage and reduce the lifetime of a building.  This system works by creating an elastic seal or structural bond of the cracks.  This is achieved by filling the entire course of a crack with the injection resin via pressure injection.  It is a highly effective solution for leaking construction joints and for water ingress under hydrostatic pressure. The chemical reaction is very quick with immediate visible results.  The resins restore the surface of concrete, brickwork or stonework to its original strength and create a waterproof seal preventing further water damage. 

Fields of Application

Resins can be injected into most properties from houses to larger structures such as multi-storey car parks and industrial units. The injection resins can also be applied in drinking water environments.

This technique is particularly applicable for:

  • Flooding lift pits
  • Concrete floors
  • Leaking wall/floor junctions
  • Waterproofing leaking basements

Please contact us for further information.  We will be happy to discuss your project and the application of this remedial treatment.  

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