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If a property is built on or near contaminated land there is a risk of hazardous gases including carbon dioxide, methane, radon and hydrocarbon vapours entering the building. These gases may be present on brownfield and landfill sites but can also occur naturally. In many regions across the UK radon gas is not an issue but in some locations it can pose a serious danger and represents the second most common cause of lung cancer after smoking.  Such gases will collect in the lowest areas of a property in particular in the basement. If allowed to concentrate such gases can form a serious risk to human health.

Ground Gas Protection Membranes installation

If you are therefore tanking a basement or cellar, adding an extension or building a new housing development it is vital that you consider the need for protection from radon and other ground gases through the use of gas membranes which stop gases from entering the property.  We can incorporate this feature into below ground waterproofing and tanking systems where there is a basement, retaining wall or lift pit for example which needs a combination of radon and ground gas protection and waterproofing.

We specialise in combined radon gas and structural waterproofing systems

Damptec Systems Ltd holds approved contractor status with a number of leading manufacturers including Delta Membranes, Memtech Membranes and Triton Systems

For more advice or to arrange for an installation quotation please contact Carl Weatherhead CSRT CSSW

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