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The Damptec technicians finished the waterproofing work at our latest new build project (pictured) on 24th November 2021.  Major third party warranty providers such as NHBCPremier Guarantees and LABC require combined protection. This is a fundamental condition of their warranty. They also require the involvement of a CSSW qualified waterproofing design specialist at the design stage. We provided the design and specification for the Type A and Type B combined waterproofing protection system for this project.

We installed gravity drainage in a pre-cast chase formed in the concrete. The drainage channel runs through the adjoining retaining walls at the wall/floor junction.  For this to be maintainable we added jetting eyes at the required intervals.

The Type A system incorporated barrier protection on the internal walls and floor using Koster Polysil TG500. In this way we minimise the development of salt efflorescence and free lime egress and two coats of Koster NG1 which is a mineral waterproof coating containing crystallising and capillary-plugging agents.

We achieved Type C secondary protection by using Delta MS500 (8mm) cavity drain membrane. We waterproofed the new concrete slab by applying Delta MS20 20mm floor membrane. The team used MS20 membrane in conjunction with cornerstrip and linked into the 600mm wide DPC.  We used rigid insulation and 75mm of cement based screed to cover the membrane.

The team sealed all joints where flanged sections were located with waterseal tape. Where studded sections met, we applied waterseal rope.  Where services (pipework etc.) protruded through the system we created a seal using either waterseal mastic.

We are registered Delta installers.  Delta provides the world’s foremost range of products for basement drainage, structural waterproofing and underground wall and floor protection. 

By selecting Damptec for your new build structural waterproofing requirements in Nottingham, you guarantee a professionally managed project with dependable and durable waterproofing solutions.

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