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Basement garage converted to habitable space

The team are currently working on this detached garage below external ground levels in Sheffield. Our client wishes to use this area as habitable space. We have recommended a Type A barrier system for the concrete floor and a Type C cavity drain system for the walls.

So far we have treated the floor involving:

Priming the floor by applying Koster Polysil TG500.

Applying two coats of Koster NB1. This is a mineral waterproof coating that contains crystallising and capillary-plugging agents.

Mixing the Koster VAP I 2000 Part A and Part B with a resin stirrer and apply over substrate

Installing Koster SL Premium Self-Levelling Compound

Internal Bunded System:  Involving installing engineering bricks as part of the design at approximately 100mm away from the wall on the retaining walls. A drainage channel will then be installed on the earth-retaining perimeter walls, including jetting eyes and inspection ports, discharging into the existing drainage.

Walls: The cavity drain P8 (8mm) membrane would be mechanically fixed to all walls (floor to ceiling). If insulating in front of the wall membrane a vapour control layer may be required to prevent interstitial condensation and therefore a condensation strip would be required.