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A combined waterproofing system has been used to tank this pool.  The system includes Type A: Barrier Protection – external waterproofing and Type A: Barrier Protection – internal waterproofing

Stage One: Application of Delta Duel Proof over the sub-site with an upturn over the shuttering, including the sump chamber. 

External waterproofing:


50mm fillet was formed along the foundation toe using repair mortar to shed water away from the structure.  Thencoats of Delta Deuxan 2C Water Proofing Solution were applied over the external face from ground level down to the land drain. Glass fibre mesh was installed between coats.


Delta Geo Drain Quattro fixings were applied at the top and covered with a profile strip.


A serviceable drain was positioned below the slab level to run around the perimeter of the retaining walls. 

Internal Waterproofing:

Secondary protection, to manage any water ingress which occurs as a consequence of an installation defect, was provided by a crystallizing mineral waterproofing slurry system.

A 50mm filet was formed using repair mortar.


Two coats of Koster NB1 cement-based waterproofing slurry were then appliedThis is a mineral waterproof coating that contains crystallising and capillary-plugging agents.

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