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To provide a waterproofing system and warranty

We were commissioned to install a combined waterproofing system with warranty in new build houses at the site of the former Baldwin’s Omega in Sheffield:

Type A: Barrier Protection – external waterproofing

Type C: Drained Protection – internal waterproofing

Photos shows progress up to installation of internal membranes


Including a 50mm filet along the foundation toe using repair mortar to help shed water away from the structure and 2 coats of Delta Deuxan 2C Water Proofing Solution on the external face and Delta Geo Quattro fixings at the top of the membrane.

A serviceable drain was installed below the slab level to run around the perimeter of the retaining walls as a method of risk reduction. 


Secondary protection, which manages any water ingress which occurs as a consequence of an installation defect, was provided by a wall cavity drain membrane system.

All materials used carry a BBA certificate which is necessary to satisfy the requirements of third party building warranty providers. 

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