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The Damptec team have installed a waterproofing system with warranty for a reinforced concrete lift pit for a social housing project in Stapleford. 

This system incorporates Type A Barrier Protection internal waterproofing


  • Newton 903-P Modified Primer
  • Newton HydroCoat 912-RT- Reinforcing Tape
  • Newton 203-Repair Mortar – smoothing fillet
  • Newton HydroCoat 107F Elastic 2K (2 coats)



The method we used is in accordance with a Newton Waterproofing specification and included:

  1. Horizontal concrete floors primed with HydroCoat-903 Primer.
  2. Joints and changes of direction: Reinforcement of static joints with HydroCoat 912-RT – Reinforcing Tape
  3. A fillet along the wall/floor/ceiling junctions using Newton HydroSeal 203 Repair Mortar. The membrane is reinforced at each change in direction from horizontal to vertical with a Newton 203-RM smoothing fillet.
  4. Application of two coats of Newton 107F cement-based waterproofing slurry. This is a mineral waterproof coating that contains crystallising and capillary-plugging agents. When these penetrate into the substrate, they develop an intense bond and the capillaries are plugged making it completely waterproof to pressurised water of up to 10 bar.
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